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Installation of further hardware


When operating on more than 4 axes

If you want to operate on more than 4 axes, one CNC-Pod is insufficient. Unfortunately the synchronization means that multiple Cnc-Pod modules cannot be operated in parallel. In order to control 5 or 6 axes, a combination of CncPod, a Breakout board (with LPT Port) and a PodExt module are needed.

Weitere Hardware anschließen - bis 6 Achsen

Connecting further hardware – up to 6 axes


Connection THC Torch Height Control for plasma cutting.

The THC2 module (THC = Torsh Height Control) serves to regulate the jet distance to the tool during plasma cutting. It is connected to the second port on the CncPod. The complete unit for controlling the plasma cutting system is thus composed of CncPod, a breakout board (with LPT port) and a THC2 module.

The components also need to be purchased or can be integrated in a system.